5 Days /4 nights

Wonderful Armenia

This is a cognitive journey through the country where the Christianity was originated, where one could find one of the oldest wine-making regions of the world and the most delicious cuisines of the planet. While traveling along the ancient Silk Road, our guests will discover the magnificent Armenia, with its ancient churches, monasteries and fortresses, numerous wineries and adorable Armenian cuisine!


Day 1 – Yerevan

Arrival at ”Zvartnots” International Airport, Yerevan. Meeting at the airport, transfer to the hotel.

City tour through Yerevan in the evening.


The tourists will have a short walking tour in the center of the city, will see the Republic Square of the city, the Opera and Ballet House, Northern Avenue, as well as other eminent buldings.

The Cascade Complex – The Complex represents a structure made up from huge stairs, while numerous fountains leave the impression of a waterfall. Cafesjian Center for the Arts is also located here. In the Cascade Complex one can see works of modern sculptors like F. Botero, J. Brychtová,S. Libenský, J. Plensa and many others.

Overnight at the hotel.


Day 2

Breakfast in the hotel.

Business part (coffee break, lunch, dinner – in the hotel)


Day 3

Breakfast in the hotel.

Business part (coffee break, lunch, dinner – in the hotel)

After the conference:

”Ararat brandy factory – Garni – Geghard


After lunch we’ll visit to Ararat Brandy Factory and Museum where our guests will explore the 120-year history of one of the world’s most renowned brandy factories, and see the oldest Armenian barrels produced and the awards that Ararat has won through the decades. The visit includes cognac tasting.


Then we will go to Kotayk region: on the way we will stop at the Arch of Charents, named after the great Armenian poet Yeghishe Charents. From this point, there is a stunning view of Mount Ararat (if the weather permits).

Garni Fortress – The territory of Garni fortress was inhabited in the ancient times, inscriptions from the times of the Kingdom of Urartu, as well as constructions belonging to different ages were found here. One of the most significant constructions is the 1st century pagan temple dedicated to the God of Sun Mitra. This temple is the only surviving example of a pagan temple in Armenia, as well as the only one constructed in Greek-Roman style. The tourists will also see an old bath constructed in the 2nd century.


During the tour the tourists will have the opportunity to see the process of baking Armenian bread “lavash”.


Geghard monastery  – The legend tells that the monastery was founded in the 4th century, but nowadays surviving constructions belong to the 13th century. This unique structure, partially cut into the adjacent rock, is surrounded by high mountains. The monastery is included in UNESCO list of world heritage.

Return to Yerevan. Dinner at the local restaurant. Overnight at the hotel.


Day 4

Breakfast in the hotel.

Free time for shopping and exploring the city by your own.

After lunch, an incentive program.


Incentive program:

Name: Unknown city streets through the travelers’eyes.

Photo-quest is a team game based on orienteering, solving logical problems and a creative photo contest.

During the dinner in the restaurant summing-up process of the photo-quest results will be conducted.

* After the quest we can organize a professional photo session in Armenian traditional costumes.


Day 5

Breakfast in the hotel.

Visiting the souvenir market “Vernissage” and the colorful food market. (by request of the guests, only)

Transfer to the airport.


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