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The majority of tours we offer has a night stay in the capital city. Even though exhausting serpentine roads are not a rare thing in Armenia, and there are numerous high-ranked hotels in the regions, the best comfort is offered in Yerevan. We can make your choice easily via hotel reservation via Amistad Tour.

During the recent years, numerous world-known international hotel chains have established their residence in our country. Here you can reserve rooms in Marriott Armenia, Hayat Place, Best Western, Holiday Inn, Radisson Blu, Double Tree by Hilton, Ibis, Ramada, Alexander and many others. International hotel chains and locally established ones offer almost the same level of warm hospitality. Here our guests have a great variety of choice. You can stay either in standardized offers of hotel chains, or choose to stay in authentic local boutique hotels, such as one of the hotels of Tufenkian chain.

Hotels in Armenia

Spa, beauty salon services, high quality restaurants and cafes are standard services for such hotels. The restaurants usually offer various cuisines – Mediterranean, Italian, Armenian, etc. Specific cuisines, such as Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and others can be easily found in nearby restaurants.

The majority of large hotels, or the ones in the districts also have open-air pools.

Together with internationally known hotels, B&Bs, hostels and apartments for rent do also exist in the market. They offer comfortable, safe, secure and quiet stay, if you prefer a non-hotel environment.

Accommodation in Yerevan and regions is usually offered with breakfast, however, in the majority of cases it can also be removed from the package if you wish so. The prices for stay are reasonable.

Taking into account the variety of enquiries from our tourists we have established relations with hotels which provide the best service and quality of stay, as well as have the facility to host any type of conferences, VIP and regular events of different types.

For tour packages for a large group, we take the responsibility to arrange hotel stay to save our tourists’ efforts and time. All the night stays in the regions included in our tour packages are pre-arranged at the best possible venues to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

By filling in some details of your stay you can choose the hotel which best suites your requirements – locations, breakfast, type of the room, additional services etc. If you need advice, we are here to help you in your choice or we can do that for yourself if there is need by making hotel reservation for you.



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