Travel the Caucasus!

Want to discover the origins of exotic travel? Let Amistad Tour be your guide to this ancient region of rugged mountains and enormous hospitality.

Travel Armenia!

Come with Amistad-tour and travel to Armenia-an ancient land of mysterious mountains, of rugged, enormously hospitable people hewn by history, and of deep Christian traditions. Armenia is a land still unexplored and lost in time. Exotic travel does not get any more exotic than this!

Religious Armenia

As Armenia was the first nation to officially accept Christianity in 301 A.D., the religious history in the region is as deep as it gets. Be it monasteries that are UNESCO world heritage sites, or lonely mountain-top chapels, travel Armenia with Amistad Tour and see early Christian history first-hand.

Wild Armenia

Experience the incredible natural world that makes up the land upon which Noah landed with his ark, that provides habitat for world-class birding, and some of the highest, most rugged peaks in Europe.