About Armenia


There is not much information about Armenia. This is a small country in Southern Caucasus neighboring with Turkey from the West, Georgia from the North, Azerbaijan from the East and Iran from the South. This is a generally monoethnic country with 98% of ethnic Armenians living here in their homeland since prehistoric times.

About Armenia


The population of modern Armenia is around 3 mln. However, there are over 10 mln Armenians living in nearly all the countries in the world. Armenians speak Armenian which is a separate language branch in the Indo-European language tree. Armenian also has a specific, unparalleled alphabet, and according to some researchers it has many hidden and sacral codes in it, such as numeric, chemical elements, musical notes interpretations etc.


We are the nation which adopted Christianity as a state religion the first in world in 301 when Armenian King Trdat stated a special decree on this. Even though the vast majority in Armenia are Christians and are followers of Armenian Apostolic Church, Armenians are quite tolerant to any religions and nationalities.

About Armenia


Armenian Kingdoms have history of millennia. There is huge number of archeological artefacts stating that Armenian kings and Armenian kingdom were one of the most influential in the world at a time of Roman, Persian and Egyptian civilizations. One of such proofs is the capital city of Yerevan, which is 33 years older than Rome and celebrated it 2800th anniversary in 2018. Another proofs are petroglyphs spread around Armenia in numerous locations.

Armenian history is full of ups and downs. This, as well as the rich culture are one of the least explored in the old civilizations. For instance, the oldest winery found in Armenia in 2007 states ancient traditions of wine-making here. In the same cave Areni 1 oldest shoe and woman’s skirt were found dating back over 5000 years B.C.

With strong roots in history, modern Armenia is a developing and quiet European country, though staying in tight connection with traditions. This is another reason to visit Armenia and see how millennia and modern times traditions live together in harmony.


Armenian culture is unique in all aspects. Applied art in a traditional interpretation can be seen anywhere. Armenian national costumes, called Taraz, is a specific piece of art, that can now be seen in the History museum but is still used as a part of modern fashion. Special direction in the culture is church architecture which is another item for admiration. There are numerous churches that stand for ages. You will see many during your stay in Armenia.

National song and dance are inseparable from any event in Armenia. Long story very short, here you’ve got a lot to see and explore.


Armenia is also called a sunny country as the number of sunny days during a year is over 300. The climate here is highland continental with differentiated 4 seasons. Summer is warm with 25-350C temperature. Winter is strict with temperature varying -350C (on the picks) up to -10 (majority of highlands) which allows wonderful skiing in once royal resort Tsakhkadzor.


In Armenia one can see beautiful nature all around. Canyons, fast rivers, forests, valleys, waterfalls, and of course the pearl Lake Sevan which is the largest sweet water reservoir in the region. There are numerous mountain picks, rocks, and quite rich wild life with huge number of endemic species.

No matter how long we talk about Armenia, there is still a lot to see.

This is really a country to discover, live it, feel it, and enjoy it.