Wine Tours in Georgia

Come Explore the Birthplace of Wine!

Hey, didn’t we just say that about our wine tours in Armenia?! Well, to tell you the truth, the Georgians and Armenians have been fighting over this honor for millennia. What matters most, however, is that wine was indeed invented in the Caucasus and we’ve been perfecting it ever since!

At the same time, the last 10 years have seen an incredible explosion of a wonderful new era in winemaking in Georgia. When Georgia was cut off from its most important export market, Russia,in 2008, Georgian winemakers had only two options – sink or swim with the very best wines the world had to offer as a means of opening up new export markets.

Fortunately for the world (and for you!), the Georgians rose to the occasion! Now there are dozens of wineries across the country and many producing wines using kveris (buried clay urns) that can compete with the very best wines anywhere.

With our unique experience in Georgia, we take our guest to the very best of the best new estates that Georgia has to offer. And we cover the best wine regions, as well. From Kakheti (and the micro-regions of Telavi and Kvareli) to Kartli, Imereti, and Rach-Lechkhumi, if you want to be of the first to explore what the best sommeliers in Paris, New York, and London have already discovered, then let Amistad be your guide!

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