Wine Tours in Armenia

Come Explore the Birthplace of Wine!

Well, the Georgians might have something to say about that claim, but arguing over who invented wine has been a regional obsession for over 3,000 years!

Regardless of who is right, Armenia is just at the very beginning of a modern wine renaissance and you can be among the first to experience the fruits of the New Armenian Wine scene. Less developed than in Georgia, there are still a handful of world-class wineries scattered across the country that make Armenia a worthy destination for any connoisseur.

Unlike other wine tours in Armenia, Amistad has secured exclusive access to only the very best (and largely unknown) vineyards. Our wine tour in Armenia is not for the mass tourist looking for a beautiful chateau. Rather, we’ve gone well off the beaten track to bring you the very best small vineyards in Armenia’s historical wine regions of Vayots Dzor, the Ararat Valley, and even one completely secret "lost” cellar in the northern region of Tavush.

What Armenia lacks in terms of sexy wine infrastructure, it more than makes up for in giving you first person exposure to the wines that the world will be talking about tomorrow. And along the journey, you’ll experience a landscape and a cultural history that will take your breath away.

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