Travel in Georgia

Travel in Georgia!

The Republic of Georgia – if is a more dynamic blend of proud, old-world traditions, breathtaking scenery, and radically transforming, urban culture we’ve yet to find it.  Indeed, in the last 8 years it’s hard to imagine a country that has gone through as much positive change as Georgia has, and as a result, there has never been a better time to visit Georgia.

Once a regional backwater, today Georgia is bursting with urban renewal and has boldly declared that tourism in Georgia is open for business.  The capital, Tbilisi, given its over abundance of great art deco and art niveau architecture is quickly becoming one of the world’s undiscovered "must-see” cities.  Then there is Batumi.  Once a quiet Black Sea port, Batumi is becoming the new playground for the region’s rich and famous, with new hotels, restaurants, and cultural venues being added at light speed.

But even more than exciting cities, Georgia boasts incredible natural beauty.  Exploding in snow-covered mountains that facilitate everything from world-class skiing to white water rafting, blessed with the perfect climate for wineries to flourish, and not lacking in beautiful beaches (Korbuleti, Ureki), Georgia is a nature lover’s paradise.

As if that weren’t enough, Georgia is also blessed with a diverse ethnic make-up, which makes for fascinating traditions, even better food, and a party culture that rivals the best of them.

When it comes to travelling in Georgia, Amistad Tour is your ideal partner.  With a presence in Georgia since 2008, we know the country inside and out and can craft a vacation in Georgia that you won’t soon forget.