Travel in Armenia

Travel Armenia!

When was the last time you got the chance to get so far off the beaten track, most of your friends won’t have a clue where you are going? Have you ever walked where Noah walked, studied petroglyphs on the shores of one of the world’s largest, high-altitude lakes, or savored homemade flatbread, fresh figs, and some of the world’s best trout while gazing out at rugged, mysterious mountains?

If you’ve not, then now is the time to visit Armenia and let Amistad Tour be your guide as you explore the soul of this ancient, undiscovered land.

In addition to rich pre-historic history, Armenia boasts a heritage as the first nation in the world to officially convert to Christianity (in 301 A.D.). As a result, tourism in Armenia is akin to traveling through a giant living museum. Whether it is the mystical UNESCO World Heritage sites of Geghard, Sanahin, or Haghpat or the craggy majesty of the Tatev Monestary, whether it is sipping wine overlooking the sunset behind Mt. Ararat or feasting on ancient Armenian cuisine, the buffet of undiscovered places to visit in Armenia, traditions, and delights, make a visit to Armenia truly incredible.

But Ancient Armenia is also fully modern. From the pulsing jazz and café scene in the capital, Yerevan, to the fierce games of chess being played nearly on every corner, to the artists’ market on Saturday and Sundays, to the slopes of the Soviet Winter Olympics training base, Tsakhkadzor, to the spa towns of Jermuk and Aghveran, Armenia has something for everyone!