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Tours in the Caucasus

There is still a place on Earth where the rhythms of life move at a different, more traditional pace. Where men are strong and women are stronger. Where people feast on the bounty they’ve grown with their own hands and share with each other generously. Where traditional music played on long-forgotten instruments mixes with the smoke of sweet tobacco and the sweat of passionate dancers to create an incredible, intoxicating mix.

This place is the Armenian and Georgian Caucasus, a small piece of rugged Earth east of the Black Sea, north of Iran, and West of Turkey. The Caucasus is the birthplace of wine, the origin of organized Christianity, and the home of the world’s greatest chess players.

The Caucasus is a place unlike any other. It’s a lost Eden, just waiting to be explored. When it comes to experience Georgian and Armenian culture, there is no better guide than Amistad Tour – the region’s leading tour operator.

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