Religious Tours in Armenia

Religious Tours in Armenia

Outside of Israel or Italy, there may not be another country with as much religious history and significance as Armenia. As the first country to officially accept Christianity in 301 A.D., Armenia is literally bursting at the seams with ancient Armenian churches and monasteries (at last count there are over 15,000 ruins), and amazing stories of a persecuted church surviving through invasions, genocides, and Communism to continue to shine Jesus’ light today.

While tours in Armenia are incomplete without taking into account Armenia’s religious history, for those passionate about uncovering the origins of early Christianity, Amistad Tour has developed a unique approach to religious tourism that provides an indepth overview and upfront personal experiences at the places of most significance., be it the ancient monastery and university of Tatev, or the secluded bulwarks like Geghard that helped keep faith alive for nearly two millennia.


Ancient Armenia: An Archaeological and Religious Tour 6 nights/7 days

As a wonderland of pre-historic and ancient history, as well as the first country to official convert to Christianity in 301 AD, Armenia is the ideal destination who want to explore world history as it happened over the last 6000 years along the far Western end of the old Silk Road.