Hiking Tours in Georgia

Unspeakable Beauty on Undiscovered Trails

Wrapped snuggly on the western end of the Silk Road, between the Black Sea and the incredibly rugged tail end of the Caucasus mountains, lies an undiscovered trekking gem – the Republic of Georgia. With snow-capped peaks risking above 4,800m (16,000 feet), Georgia boasts a beauty comparable to the best the Alps have to offer, minus the hordes of tourists. In fact, minus nearly any tourists whatsoever.

If you are looking to come to one of the last frontiers that trekking has to offer, then let Amistad plan a hiking tour for you in Georgia. Whether its hiking to rugged mountain peaks or experiencing one of Europe’s richest biodiversity zones with an incredible variety of flora and fauna, or simply sharing a glass of wine at the end the day with a local villager as he sings to you about life in the Georgian Caucasus, a hiking tour in Georgia is one you’ll never forget.

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