Cultural Tours in Georgia

Cultural Tours in Georgia

Georgia. How do you describe a land that has been at the crossroads of Civilization since time began? How do you explain a culture that isn’t one culture but a multitude of cultures, all fascinatingly unique, yet blended into a cohesive whole? The honest answer is you can’t. You must experience it.

Cultural tours in Georgia almost invariably start in Tbilisi, the capital. With it’s Parisian riverbanks, it’s untouched old town with in comparable collection of art deco and art nouveau architecture, it’s emerging restaurant scene, and culture, culture, culture everywhere, Tbilisi is a city dripping with life, and as such it is one of the world’s great unexplored gems.

But Georgia and cultural tours in Georgia are so much more than Tbilisi! There is the wine region of Kakhetiand the Tuscan-esque, fog-shrouded wine town of Sighnaghi. Home to the birthplace of wine and ancient wine making techniques using clay pots (kveris), you’ll experience wine culture at its purest.

There is also Gori, the ancient mountain town with it’s cathedral from the 11th century. This ancient bastion was attacked incessantly throughout history but only destroyed once (by Genghis Kahn’s hordes, no less) in the 13th century. What remains is a testimony to a ferociously resilient people.

But let’s not forget the sea port of Batumi, with is blending of cultures and cuisines and stories of life at one end of the Silk Road. Or the awe-inspiring views from the alpen resort town of Kazbegi or the famous mineral water capital, Bojourmi.

And what trip to Georgia would be complete without a trip to the ancient inns and forgotten alleyways of Akhaltsikhe, the gateway to Turkey and the historic resting place for caravans on the Silk Route.

So you want culture? Ha! Georgia’s got it all and then some! Contact us today to start planning your tour!