Cultural Tours in Armenia

Cultural Tours in Armenia

If you’d like to step back in time without ever leaving the present, Amistad Tour’s cultural tours of Armenia are designed just for you. Our tours are developed to give you a deep understanding and appreciation for this ancient land, it’s people, and their customs.

While every tour is customized to the interests of each group, our tours can take you from the lush forests and ancient monasteries in the north like Haghpat, Sanahin, and Samosavank, to the 4000m+ mountain peaks, Lake Sevan, and ancient fortresses like Amberd in the center of Armenia, to the ancient wineries in Areni, to the world’s longest open-span tramway on the way to Tatev Monastery,and the ghost towns, walnut groves and mysteries of Nagorno Karabagh.

If exploring the past is your passion, let Amistad Tours design an historical tour of Armenia just for you.


Mystical Armenia: A Cultural Tour of Armenia: 7 days/6 nights

When was the last time you went so far off the beaten track that no one even knew where it was you were going? Have you ever sipped wine from the soil that birthed the world’s first vintage? Have you ever worshipped in one of the world’s first official churches? Have you ever tasted food so delicious or danced until you were so dizzy that you never wanted to leave? Then Armenia is for you! Come discover the undiscovered!


Undiscovered Armenia: A Cultural Tour of Armenia 7 nights/8 days

Discovered the undiscovered in Armenia – an ancient land on the far western end of the ancient Silk Road.  With a culture that has vibrant roots in each of the major pre-historic, ancient, Christian, and modern eras, Armenia is a wonderland of undiscovered churches, fortresses, wineries, and adventures!


Grand Armenia: A Cultural Tour of Armenia 13 nights/14 days

This is the Big One!  If you ever wanted to totally immerse yourself in the mystery, wonder, awe, and beauty of all things Armenian, this tour is for you.  From north to south and east to west, this tour covers all the major sites and destinations that make Armenia a unique and truly magical place to discover on the far western end of the old Silk Road.


The Armenian Overview: A Guaranteed Cultural Tour of Armenia 6 Nights/7 days

Special net pricesfortravel agencies Guaranteed departures starting from 4 pa If you want to explore the wonders of Armenia but lack a big group to do it with, Amistad’s guaranteed tour is for you. Starting dates in Yerevan are: April 3 and 24, May 1 and 22, June 5 and 20, July 3 and 24, August 1 and 21, September 4 and 20, and October 2 and 24.